Is there a Eurorack SFZ Player?

Is there a Eurorack SFZ Player?

I think I’m still within the category rules, asking about Eurorack here??

Anyway it’s apropos of @Squinky new SFZ Player module - so relevant to VCV Rack. I’ve strongly resisted getting any Eurorack but if there were such a module even I might be tempted to put a little single-purpose unit together.

Yesterday I read about someone with a Eurorack-mounted Raspberry Pi (don’t have any details) so I can see that this big-functionality modules might be possible.

Have you looked on

Thanks for the tip :slightly_smiling_face:

Has anyone here tried a SFZ eurorack module, and what were your experiences with it? Did it work well with all your SFZ libraries or did you have any problems?

EDIT showed nothing for SFZ. Looking further afield, nothing either. Lots and lots of sample players but I didn’t see anything for SFZ.

No eurorack for me then

haha - you just have to make your own :wink: Before VCV, Squinky Labs made alternate firmware for the Disting from Expert Sleepers. But you would need something with plenty of ram. And anyone who attempted this is going to run into exactly what I did. Implement the whole thing? A subset? Port sfizz?

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I can’t imagine using Eurorack just to play sfz files

It’s like using a supercomputer to play solitaire


:smile: True enough. But I like the idea of a box dedicated to a purpose and particularly for taking out to play.

The other factor is I’d love to have a compelling reason to have get into eurorack. But please keep that one secret. It’s an ego/superego/id thing ya know?

I love my Eurorack and I think there are lots of compelling reasons to get into it without trying to make it the same as everything else

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