Is the VCV Rack 2 plugin compatible with Digital Performer?

Hi all, sorry if this is answered elsewhere, couldn’t find it via the search. I’m using Digital Performer 11 on an M1 MacBook Pro, and would love to be able to use VCV Rack as a plugin (or even in conjunction, there seems to be some crashing issues). I know that DP is not listed as a supported DAW, but is it at least compatible? Anyone with any experience in this so I don’t need to buy the plugin just to find out it doesn’t work? If not, does anyone know if there is future support planned?


Digital Performer supports VST 3, so it’s like buying any other VST - will it work? Maybe.

Thanks, yeah. For the price I’m not sure I want to take that risk. It’s surprisingly hard to find an answer to this question. I know that DP has fallen out of favor a bit, but I’m surprised how few people seem to use it in the modular world. Oh well, hopefully someone’s tried it and knows. Thanks again.

Have you asked VCV support?

Yes they have.