Is slice of life supposed to alias this much?

It looks like a pretty cool module, but I couldn’t find any setting to make it not alias a lot. The manual just refers me to a manual for the analog original, which I’m assuming doesn’t do this?

yes it is. Not everyone shares your obsession


Ah, ok, so intentional design choice. Interesting.

The VCO has a distinctive character and I am digging it and yeah, I do find it interesting. Aliasing is not always bad. No need to do your consistent passive aggressive "you know who’s VCO’s don’t alias…: shtick. we all get it by now.


Actually there are a lot of VCOs where the devs did extra work to get rid of aliasing. VCV, Vult, Bogaudio, Blamsoft, Linedenberg all come to mine. I certainly didn’t invent minBLEP or oversampling - I’m not even particularly good at using them.

I just wonder why you felt the need to make this post?

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It’s one of those slice of life posts :smiley:


Incoming! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If anyone wants to learn something about sample rates, aliasing and oversampling, when it matters and doesn’t matter so much from a musical perspective, I highly recommend this great video from the educational powerhouse, Dan Worral.

TL:DW - It’s probably beneficial to work at 48k and use oversampling when it is available but it can be hard to hear aliasing in the context of a mix.


On a single channel, yeah sure. But let’s say you have 30 channels with aliasing plugins. Even if each is at a low level, they will add up to a horrendous high end. I haven’t seen the video in a while but I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan says pretty much the same.


Practical example:

  • Alessandro crotini admits putting soundtoys decapitator on every tracks for both his solo work and nin
  • soundtoys decapitator has no oversampling feature and aliases a lot
  • never heard anyone complaining about aliasing in nin or any cortini work.

Personally I feel much more frustrated by my poor use of eq and compression that aliasing in my music


Counterexample in VCV: Instruo. The whole collection of modules starts sounding right at an internal sample-rate of 96khz and I think Jason Lim is aware of this. In Omris Mycellium Symposium he showcased the CSL at an internal sample rate of 192khz and an audio-samplerate of 96khz.

For the intentional design choice of “Slice of Life” I actually quite like it how it is, for the instruo modules I find it very annoying.

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I must have bad ears or bad headphones, i never ear the difference :man_shrugging:

I would wager Cortini also uses a lot of low pass filters, which would attenuate any possible aliasing artifacts. His music isn’t the “brightest” in terms of tonal palette.

Low pass filters on their own don’t remove “any possible aliasing artifacts”. You need to oversample first, then process, then low pass filter, then downsample. Given Decapitator does not have oversampling, low pass filtering the processed audio would not remove the aliasing.

I didn’t mean to say LPF removes aliasing. But aliasing artifacts are more apparent in high frequencies, so a LPF can remove some of the harshness (without removing the aliasing itself).


I just thought I’d add that had the OP bothered to investigate how the SoL works instead of implying a lack of skill/effort on my part, he would notice that of course this VCO will have aliasing due to the fact that one oscillator is essentially “sampling” the 2 others at (usually) completely different frequencies.

This module should soon be available in the library and folks can judge for themselves how it sounds. I would suggest they just listen to it and not just hook it up to scope in an attempt to find a chance to talk shit about a fellow dev.

I will note though that all 3 internal VCOs do use oversampling and minBleps since they are based on the Fundamental VCO.

peace out


He asked a question about it. Why the hostility? Do you have some sort of inferiority complex?

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You clearly don’t know the OPs history. If you did, you’d know that he equates aliasing with sucking. This post was nothing more than a passive aggressive “why does this module suck”

It’s not the first time he has put other devs down and i don’t really need to put up with it


I clearly do, and I know you attack him directly or indirectly every chance you get. My question was entirely rhetorical – you very clearly have an inferiority complex, and for no reason. You make good stuff. Stop projecting your insecurities.

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Whatever dude