Is Rack minBLEP implementation correct?

Please take a look at the issue I submitted.

I am not sure that the current minBLEP table is correct. Using same parameters and implementing it the proper way in Matlab does not yield the same result. Beware of this.

It seems to work fine. I did log a bug ages ago that it has a DC offset. Could you be more specific about your issue?

Oh, sorry, I didn’t read your issue. Yes, I see your illustration. It’s not clear to me it that’s a “step”, or if it’s a small DC offset which is then windowed. I can tell you from using it that is does a very good job ad getting rid of aliasing at high frequencies. I guess one could quibble about the phase of the highs, but it’s quite effective, and much better than most other VCO implementations in VCV.

The only issue I’ve observed with it is a DC offset, which is easily removed.

I’ve looked at this in depth quite a bit over here in this demo repo for VCOs: GitHub - squinkylabs/Demo

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