Is it safe to deprecate modules now?

I announced a little while ago that I’d be phasing a few modules out. (These modules have a notice on their front panel warning of the change. No surprises.)

An astute user commented:

Didn’t v2 implement proper deprecation,where a user could run patches with deprecated modules, bout could not insert new instances? I remember talk of that.

Is this the case? For 2.0, am I safe to deprecate older modules per the instructions here? Modules can now be deprecated


Why don’t you try it, and see if it works?

Oh, that’s a good point. I wasn’t considering that. :+1:

Adding “deprecated”: true to your plugin.json puts a big red “Deprecated” label next to the module the library but does not stop users from accessing the module. You can also add “hidden”: true for V2 and it will allow existing patches to load the module but will stop users from adding new instances from the browser.