Is it possible to load VST effects in linux ?

I’m planning to run VCV in Linux, is there support for VST or at leas a hack to do it if no direct support ? Thanks

Do you mean running VCV as a VST? If so then yes, there is VST, VST3, Clap plugins for it with VCV Pro.

If you mean running VSTs inside VCV then I’m not sure but I believe Host works with linux vsts.

It does.

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yes, I mean running VST’s in VCV IN linux. Running VCV and loading VST’s in Linux OS

You will have to purchase the VCV Host module to do this in VCV Rack.

thanks for clarifying !

A “hack” would be to build the Skrylar JACK modules and route the audio out of VCV Rack into a plugin host like Carla.

if the host modules are able to do this, I prefer to pay for it to be honest. Also, will this emulate the win runtime ? Meaning, can I run any vst or only vst’s that have been compiled for linux ? Thanks

No, only linux VSTs.

The convenience of VCV Host is worth the money.

If you use Yabridge then those should just show up in the list.


+1 for yabridge. Follow the instructions at the link above especially for the correct Wine version and it works well.