Is it possible to install multiple versions?

I’m excited for the release of 1.0, but I have particular patches/projects that I’ll want to keep working on. And I assume some of the plugins I use in these projects won’t be migrated to the new API right away.

So my question is, can I install multiple versions of VCV (on two separate HD’s) so I can keep the current version and use 1.0 when it’s released? I’ve tried installing another instance of the current version on my second HD, but I couldn’t get it to look for a different local directory or create a new one.

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Look there:

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That did it! Thanks soo much!

Is there any way to do it on a Mac?

As of commit bb34db4 or so, two Rack versions can share the same user dir, so no need to use different ones. You do need to install the two versions to different locations, but this is trivial on Mac/Linux (just unzip/rename the file/folder), and you can Browse when installing on Windows.