Is it possible to append in NYSTHI Simpliciter?

Is there a way I can record a bit in Simpliciter, stop or pause it, and then record something more that gets appended at the end of the first sample, so I can collect a few recordings in one sample?

Sounds like a job for End Of Cycle triggers! :slight_smile:

you didn’t read the full manual!

Not in automatic but there are 2 appends

  1. you are recording and stops with the menu: “STOP AND APPEND RECORDING”
  2. you load a new file using the “APPEND WAV file…”
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if I cash more than $1000 for the module I’ll add an autoappend recording mode…


Oh… good to know that there is an option in the menu while it’s recording. It works, but the stereo channels are flipped.

Maybe you could add it as an option for control+click or rightclick on the rec button to stop the recording?

How much have you already cashed for the module? (I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not… you seem to joke about your huge earnings with NYSTHI from time to time… I thought someone sent you 100k and now you do everything :smiley: the module is great so I would be willing to give you 15$ or something like that for it - I am very low on money myself, so probably not much more)

I was joking of course if you have a feature request, please open an issue on my github and describe how you’d like to solve it :muscle: