Is it possible for a module to hide/diminish overlapping cables?

When I create patches using my own Sapphire Tricorder module, often I end up with cables overlapping the display area like this:

This is distracting when I’m trying to watch the 3D oscilloscope display. Trying to avoid overlaps can cause other unsatisfactory compromises in the patch layout. I created an issue on my repo about this.

My goal is to either hide or diminish the portions of the cables that overlap Tricorder’s display area.

I’m wondering if it’s possible for me to trick VCV Rack into giving me a callback after all the cables have been drawn, so that I can draw my display area on top of the cables. I could draw my display area with, say, 80% opacity, so that you can still see the faint trace of the underlying cables. I could even add a slider in the right-click context menu to adjust the opacity.

Or is there another way to approach this?


Biset has a modu9e which replaces all the cable widgets which is worth looking at

If I wanted to do this and if was in the mood do to something nasty and hacky the path I would walk to try first, but might also give up on, is

  1. Subclass cable widget with your own class
  2. When you add a tri order make one of your fake cables from yourself to yourself
  3. In the module step make sure your fake cable is on the back of the cable widget list
  4. Paint hack in your fake fake

I’d like a 3D scope with windowed/fullscreen mode (on second monitor optionally) like LFMFull.

Try “window always on top” in the right click menu.

You know, you (any user) can just drop your cable opacity to zero/near-zero if you (any user) wants to see the pretty displays on any visual/scope/picture module anywhere in Rack.

Obscuring cables just in your module breaks the “modular simulation” skeumorphic design philosophy of Rack.

I agree with your points, and at the same time, I don’t want to completely hide my cables. I make VCV Rack videos for YouTube. Some people who post videos like these hide their cables and dim the lights. It’s often a great experience to listen to, and I will gladly click the thumbs up button when their music moves me.

Yet I feel a little disappointed that I can’t see how they hooked it up. I would like my videos to be “open source” representations of the patchwork.

Also, I’m already breaking “rules” because my modules don’t have any screws on them! (The magnetic field from a single Elastika is powerful enough to hold all Sapphire modules in place.)


You can set transparency at whatever compromise works best for the circumstances.

For patch videos, it would be great to have a way to start with lights 100%, cables 100%, then begin playing and fade the lights and cables down for the duration of the piece. Or, end with a fade lights and cables up, like when the play’s over in the theatre. Maybe there’s a module that can automate this.

My pachde-1 plugin has screws optional on all modules and when screws are present, they have nice smooth caps on them. Imagine has labels optional.

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screws! it is well known that I hate them.

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Not quite a solution, but an alternative way of getting around cables overlapping important modules would be to use the Teleport modules



We can count on you, Dan!

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I don’t mind videos that are too dark to see anything. I just don’t watch or listen to them.

For now, I think Bright Idea sounds like, well, a bright idea! As @pachde points out, by having the cables visible for only part of the video, people can pause the video to study the cables, and then I can fade out the cables/lights via CV for the rest of the performance. Then people can focus on the Tricorder display and other such blinkenlights.


By the way, BrightIdea is compatible with Biset Blank :sunglasses:

Aww man I really wanted to know if you could make my terrible hack suggestion actually work :slight_smile:

HAHA!!! I’m scared! :scream:

I just tried out Bright Idea… very nice!