Is Algorave the future of club music?

Algorave Generation | Resident Advisor - YouTube


So it’s like Sonic Pi ? I haven’t tried to learn it yet, but it seems quite interesting, i think i’m gonna try it someday when i have some time free :slight_smile:

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Yeah, same concept

I use TidalCycles with some Supercollider bits (a mixer controlled with my phone) using samples i make in Rack. It’s really good for generating crazy sequences quickly if you have the time for setting it up. You can use MIDI and iirc TidalCycles is basically just sending OSC messages so you can very easily (relatively speaking…) control visuals or basically any gear, in the box or out. The future of club music? Maybe. Tbh, the political stuff is one of the drawbacks of the community for me and live coding is inherently exclusionary which makes most of the politics quite ironic plus a bit defensive and tiresome.

I think you can still sign up for in any case. It’s definitely worth knowing and playing around with.


So, if i put my vcv screen on a projector and start patching from scratch, i’m algoraving then? Maybe i’m patchraving?

I’m going to use this as an excuse to call my streams “Algorave”. If I can stop myself laughing.