Introduction & The Lazy River

Hi, first time posting. Long time guitar, keyboard, handpan, NGoni, etc. player. Recently getting into modular … VCV Rack for now. Hoping to get some hardware down the line after learning quite a bit more.

Here is my first piece that is reasonable enough to put out for public consumption: “The Lazy River” Thanks to everyone who made all those tutorials that some of the sub-assembled patchlets in this patch are based on or inspired by.


lazy-river.vcv (48.5 KB)


Welcome aboard! That’s a very nice patch, thoroughly enjoyable, thanks for sharing.

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Nice. You could post the rack patch if you want!, Just edit your post & click the upload icon.

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Thanks. I tried to upload but got denied. Message says “New users are not allowed to upload”.

Ok, trusted now. Upload attached.

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