Introducing Rack Dive Volume One from Rack Dive Records

Hi All,

I’m happy to announce here, the launch of a new project Rack Dive Records and Rack Dive Volume One.

Rack Dive Records is a space for me to release specially crafted compilation albums of pieces created with VCV Rack from various artists.

I’m kicking the whole thing off with a simple Bandcamp page. I’m interested to see where it goes.

UPDATE…Almost forgot…huge shout out to all the artists who agreed to part of Volume 1!!!

Why am I doing this?

1 - Largely, to feed back to the community something other than my own work.

2 - A lot of the Rack community and its posts are about Rack education and geeking out on the tech (which I love by the way!). Rack Dive is about the listening experience. Great pieces of music. No how to’s, interface visuals, or technique explanations.

3 - I noticed that I was finding a lot of Rack experiments buried deep in artists youtube channels that besides being great to learn from, I loved listening to them. Whilst putting together Volume One I felt as if I was unearthing curious hidden gems. The process was really very exciting.

4 - To get all these pieces in one accessible place. On the most basic level this is just a really cool playlist.

5 - To develop as an art curator. I think I have a lot of criticisms regarding ‘art curation’ but I’m not sure how to express it yet. It’s a presumptuous type of job to take on, arranging others work in an attempt to create a new cohesive atmosphere. I understand why artists have beef with curators. Either way, I’m interested exploring it. More to come on this subject.


Nice work Matthew and thanks for the inclusion! There’s a lot more out there worthy of curation and assembly into compilations. So many talented musicians here…

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Cool, thanks a lot. This makes me remember the 3 volumes of the “Switched on Rack” compilation, which I listen to quite sometimes…


Thanks Matthew, great job and I hope there are many more of these. I never have the confidence to release stuff, so it was nice to have something included!


Cheers Lars, I’m looking forward to putting together Volume 2! The initial response has been quite positive!

Cheers @Wanterkeelt, thanks for taking an interest. Yep, the “Switched on Rack” albums are great! It has very hopeful and innocent times in the VCV community back then. I hope to carry on the project way past 3 Volumes though. Cheers Matt

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Cheers @VirtualModular, Thanks again for being a part of it. There will be more! Already very slowly putting together Volume 2. Matt


Ha! Just got an email from Paypal Cheers :smiley:

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After seeing that, I went to check my email, and found a similar note from PayPal. By pure coincidence, I’m going to look at a house in the morning.


Don’t spend it all at once boys!


Haha! I got your payment too, thanks. The amount was about the price of a coffee in local currency, but it’s the first income I’ve ever made from sales of original music, so that feels quite significant! Or maybe it would just stretch to a pint if you find a cheap pub :wink:

Did you promote the release at all, or was it mainly just through the community?


I just sent the word out through the community. I thought the response from the enthusiasts was pretty good and positive. As I put together more albums I will try to find a wider audience. Initially though, I need the process to be organic and fun which means not too much of the boring business stuff. That side of will develop as the project grows. It’s really a big job just putting together a really great collection. So far still very excited about Rack Dive!

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Sensible approach. There’s enough people relentlessly pushing and spamming content everywhere already. Looking forward to Volume 2!

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