It seems with the latest version I installed, I’m seeing my beloved Interzone struggling and outputing weird audio signal. It seems it’s just a DC offset I’m getting, nothing else, no matter what I send in the V/oct. Anyone else get that?

Works fine here tm
You can try logging a bug report, if you can’t get it working - here.

Do you have an active audio module in your patch? VCV 2 doesn’t always run the audio if there is no audio module.

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I get that as well here, no matter which knobs I’m wiggling, on macOS 10.12.6. It’s a long time since I’ve tried Interzone so can’t tell when it broke.

No problems here - MacOS 13.1

What OS and OS version are you on?

works fine for me on windows 11.

Rack 2.2.3 MacOS 13.2, Interzone seems to work just fine

I’m on Mac 12.4. Same issue as you… I guess I’ll open a bug report!

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Fine on linux.

I’ve lost track as to what happened where (between Mac and Windows). But I have seen intermittent problems where the output is sometimes NAN when the module is first inserted. I’m assuming there is an uninitialized variable somewhere, which could explain inconsistent behavior.


If so, address sanitizer will tell you pretty quick.

@pheek are you using an Intel or Apple Silicon Mac? I’m currently in the process of tidying up and modernising my code base, but I’ve not yet reached the stage where I can have my plugins running natively without Rosetta 2.

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I’m on Intel Mac with this one

There are some fixes related to that ready here: Fix uninitialised values and memory leaks by falkTX · Pull Request #85 · ValleyAudio/ValleyRackFree · GitHub


Since Cardinal already uses your modules natively, this should not be a huge deal.

Yeah I have a few things to do, but they’re getting done :blush:


I’m on M1

Keep up your excellent work! I really love your modules!


For those that weren’t around when this module was released 4 years ago, an epic blast from the past by Valley: