Intellijel Metropolix Demo from mylarmelodies


Recently acquired one. It is incredible what can be done with it and it is a joy to jam with. I’ve been waiting for Alex’s video, which he said was coming in his podcast. Great demo.


Thanks Paul. What a beast! Really interesting sequencer for generative stuff now as well it would seem.

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That video makes me itch for having another go with Bidoo’s take on Metropolis, that crazy frenchman’s generous gifts to rack world are underrated imho. (:


When I saw the video I thought that looks like Bidoo’s Sequencers, so I was right, which one is most like this one would you say Agnetha?

bidoo’s dTroy is based on Intellijel Metropolis features. bidoo’s bordL is an updated version with additional features. Intellijel Metropolix is something new, greatly expanded with lots of new features, such as running multiple sequences and control of many more parameters.

The is mylarmelodies’ original Intellijel Metropolis review from 7 years ago. I have one in my rack :slight_smile:


Thanks, I have used DeTroy, but not really used bordL might give both of them a good run out What works best with them -drums, synth lines or anything?