Intelligent rhythm mutator?


I’m using Glitch Sequencer for outputting gate rhythms for drum playback. The rhythms are 16 steps long.

Is there a module which takes trigger inputs, and allows you to set a pass-through percentage depending on the step? For example, I would always want the first step of the 16 step sequence to pass-through. However, I want the second step to only pass-through 40% of the time. The module would probably need a [step] input and [reset] input to keep track of the steps.


Could you just use a regular 16 step CV sequencer to sequence the probability input of something like the Audible Instruments Bernoulli Gate?

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Oh – ha ha ha. Of course. :man_facepalming: Thanks for pointing that out!


I know you said you’re using Glitch Sequencer, but you could also play around with modules like BordL from Bidoo with per-step probability.

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