Integrating with Bitwig Studio / Linux / Jack2

Here’s my setup:

Bitwig studio with HW Instrument device, sending MIDI through Jack (gotta do “sudo modprobe snd_virmidi” before to make virtual MIDI ports), then VCV Rack receiving MIDI converting them to CV and gates with MIDI-CV module, and then setting audio output to Jack (Bitwig studio 1-2 in, 1-2 out), and then Return section of HW Instrument is set to Stereo In to Input Busses in Bitwig’s setup.

This works, but the problem is that Return section of HW Instrument receives the whole signal and it gets multiplied when adding channels so volume gets pumped and I guess signal also gets progressively worse.

Is there any way that I can make multiple returns from VCV Rack to Bitwig, one per channel? I guess that I need multiple AUDIO-8 devices, but there when I choose Jack I don’t have multiple outs, just one (Bitwig studio 1-2 in, 1-2 out).

So Bitwig’s doing sequencing, VCV Racks returns as many channels needed to Bitwig for further on-channel and master processing.


I just made it work exactly as I wanted… Still I don’t want to delete this question because I may be help others.

Perhaps you could detail your solution here for other users to use if needed ?

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