Integrating Korg Monologue with VCV

I tried to use VCV audio 8 to integrate the Monologue as a soundsource, but maybe I am doing something wrong? I just cant seem to figure out how to set it up

Anyone have suggestions?

It’s not an audio interface, is it?

i have the korg monologue accepting midi via usb and sending midi via usb. Audio is running from the monologue into my interface. Using the audio 8 module, i am able to route the audio out, into whatever effect modules i want, then into the audio in of the audio 8 module. I finally figured out how i can hear the monologue and thats great

Now how do I manipulate the pitch of the monologue if i want to use some sequencers? Im waiting for those malekko modules to drop, and it would be amazing if i can control the pitch of the monologue with them

The CV-MIDI module.

That worked, but the crashes I am getting with 1.1.5 is really bad. Running windows 10 FYI. Should I revert to a previous version?