Instruo won't show up in Library

You are probably using the x64 Standalone and the ARM64 vst version of Rack2 and Instuo are not ported to ARM64 yet.


Is there a workaround for Mac users? After latest update my instruo library disappeared because ARM64 version of the app. there seems to be no other option to install, so does that mean I have to wait for instruo to update modules? or is there a way to work around it?

You need to install both 2.5.2 ARM64 and 2.5.2 X64 so you’ll be able to use the instruo on version 2.5.2 X64 until they update.

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plenty of work arounds. Use modules that work on ARM. i.e. most of them.

if we’re talking about instruo, their whole current library ain’t working on ARM64 :frowning:

Yes, of course. That’s the title of the post. Everyone here is well aware that they are one of the few hold-outs who have never updated their modules, and they are one of the few closed source ones.

I just meant that depending on what people’s needs are, they might have more musical satisfaction finding alternative modules that have not been abandoned, rather than trying to cobble together an intel installation just for this.

But of course people will and should do what makes the most sense for them.

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yep in the end that’s what i went for. discovered some great modules browsing library. just as with any other hardware clones, instruo are a nice start up point into vcv from hardware, to sort of narrow down the huge library that you can get lost in. but i agree, with some research, i DID find alternatives :slight_smile:

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