Dual ARM64/x64 with Rack 2.5.2?

Prior to v2.5 I was able to install both ARM64 and x64 versions on my M1 MacBook Air. That was pretty simple since there were separate installers for each, and I simply renamed each exe after installation to keep them apart.

But now with v2.5 there is a single download for both. When I run the installer it creates the ARM64 version. Does anyone know how to direct the installer to create an x64 version?

I don’t have a Mac and just wild guessing here. It’s built as a fat binary, so my guess would be that running it under Rosetta would run the x86 version.

If it doesn’t, then that’s a major regression in utility that VCV needs to fix. At there very least some docs are in order for being able to run the version that supports the plugins you need.

If running under Rosetta doesn’t do it, the it’s support@vcvrack.com time.

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That was it. I wasn’t aware of that option. Once you pointed me in that direction, I looked up how to do that, and found I simply needed to Ctrl-click on the exe within Finder, and select “Get Info”, and then activate the “Open using Rosetta” option.

I copied the file with an appropriate name, and now I have one exe that runs under Rosetta, and one that does not, just like before.



Just a quick follow up - I got a private message about how to switch between x64 and ARM64 when using Rack Pro within a DAW, and I want to pass on the info.

Use Ctrl-click and Get Info to enable or disable Rosetta for your DAW, and the VCV plugin will follow suit.


Great info Dave! And that actually shows a big advantage of the Rack fat binary for Mac, because before that it would have been impossible with two seperate binaries, so good one!

It’s always been possible to have 2 binaries, as long as they have different names

For stand-alone, yes. But I thought it was not possible to switch when running in a DAW until now.

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that is true