Instruo Harmonàig: Is programming custom chords possible?

Firstly, thank you soooo much to Instruō, these are some of the best modules out there!

In harmonàig, is programming custom chords possible?

I too have been trying to make sense of it - the manual is dense.

I only just realized that enabled notes should be yellow, disabled should be gray. I’m not sure how it prioritizes modal versus keyboard note selection.

Good luck!

I agree! These modules show the true potential of VCV! I’m a new user of only a couple of months but I’ve been a full time producer for nearly 20 years now. I’d just like to say that this program is mind blowing to me because it sounds soo good! The whole modular, signal flow, really does make a difference and sounds way better than just using the standard vst. I’m completely hooked on this program now, I don’t produce generative music, I’m basically using it just to build my own synths and patches that I can use as an external synth and just record it back into Studio One. Really does sound great and I’m really surprised that this thing is free! I will say though that I’m going to be one of the first to buy the VST version when it’s out! I keep checking every day because I’m soo impatient but I know it’s probably going to be a while but I check any way. Thank you for making such a great program, this has opened up a whole new world for me, I’m having soo much fun, making absolute, pure, dirt and distortion and it’s super clean! It’s great and these modules are great as well! I’m a happy, chappy!


I don’t think there is a way to set the chords, I tried various key combinations and nothing, not even a possibility in the menu with the right mouse button. I also noticed that even in CV Input of Chord Quality it does not make the necessary change, you only see the led select the chord, but it is not processed.The Gate Output instead emits only trig even when in Performance Mode, while it should execute the gate depending on the note key pressed, both trig and gate output can be selected in the hardware. At this point I hope they are BUGs, and not explicit omissions of the developer, it would be a real shame, the idea of learning a complex module before a purchase, I think is the way to an increase in sales. I don’t think the developer is in the community, it would be nice to have him to at least help report bugs for his modules, otherwise we just have to send an email.

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Found another one:

From the manual

  • If the Transpose Button is illuminated soft white, Global Quantised Offset Mode is selected.
  • If the Transpose Button is illuminated white, Global Fine Tune Mode is selected.

This is inverted, we have white color for Global Quantised Offset Mode and soft white for Global Fine Tune Mode.

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I can’t get the chord to switch with CV at all. Works with the knob only. I can see the LED moving but the chord doesn’t change. Also, it seems that the tracking to C4 as CV input doesn’t quite work: the Bb4 note becomes B natural and gets off from there for example.

Yeah, I noticed that as well, seems like a bug. Does anyone know if there’s a bug-tracker for the Instruo plugin?

Hi Lars,

maybe you can use the contact form on their website

Yeah, for now, there’s no way to program custom chords but it’s in development as far as I understood it so, hopefully, it will be possible soon.

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Hi there,

I wrote an email to instruo regarding the chord-programming feature. In addition, I found that saved presets does not contain the “Mode Selection” from the menu and therefor you cannot switch from mode to mode with an 8face for example. And there is an error in the manual as well, the last 4 harmonic minor modes are showing the wrong scales. I’ll keep you updated if I get an answer.

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Just curious…

What have you been producing for 20 years? I’ve been trying to get an idea of the different genres that vcv has been useful to. An answer from anyone else would also be appreciated.


PS Punk, Dub, IDM, noise, power electronics, good old UK D&B

For the time being, 8FACE works great to change chords (that are not working with CV). I just made a patch with this:

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You can map the chord quality knob to uMap as well. Seems to be easier than to program every position to a preset.

The way I used 8FACE was root note plus chord type

Oh ok, sorry I didn’t see that. Then 8face is definitely the easier way.

Inspired by harmonàig I wanted to try to recreate the basic functionality with other modules for more control over the customization.

This patch uses 8Vert for a source of constant voltage to quantize as the root, 3rd, 5th, and 7th of the chord. Transmit morphs through the inversions. The Re-Win quantizer stores the chord types; for this one I just did maj7 and min7. The handy octave controls on Re-Win are morphed by another Transmit for the drop voicings.

I used the drop voicings as explained in this Rick Beato vid.

The sound is the LVCO into the LVCF going through Supermassive.

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