Instruo ARM compatibility update

Hi I just thought I would pass this on. I emailed Instrō regarding some stuff the other day and also asked about the state of their VCV modules and got the very kind reply below. In a nutshell they are working on an ARM update as well as what sounds like some other new stuff - RAD!

From InstrŌ Not to worry this is very much on our to do list!

We have just been absolutely slammed between new releases, building and dev work!

Once we get some downtime we will get the ARM64 version straightened out and will be coinciding the update with some other more general Instruō VCV updates too.

Aside from all the enthusiasts it benefits, we use VCV a lot in house as a teaching tool too, so we’ll be continuing to update it :smiley:


Good call to share the update, thanks!

Hi, I wouldn’t get your hopes up, I got exact same reply in December 2023

Hi Dec 23 was still only a few months ago, I expect as most modular brands / devs are small operations they have to prioritize generating rev to stay in business before putting icing on the cake. Most community devs on VCV / Max and Reaktor do it for fun on their spare time so the timeframes are different than non open source software. I would give them time and hopefully they’ll get to it but they had no obligation to even respond so that alone tells me they are working / considering it. Patience my friend : )