Instruo and Entrian Modules not showing up on VCV rack

Hello everyone, I updated my VCV rack to VCV rack 2 and Instruo and Entrian Modules do not show up, I searched and saw that they have not been ported on the VCV rack 2 Library either! Is there a solution for this? Since I have a concert in a week and I was using Entrian Module Pitch and Envlelope Follower to convert my guitar signal into voltage!

I would suggest using Rack 1 for the time being then!

True, that’s what I am going to do but I discovered some nice features in some of VCV modules that I would like to use, so was hoping perhaps there’ll be a solution! :slight_smile:

Apparently it might be a little while before the Instruo ones show up, they are (understandably) a little busy on the hardware side I think.

Yep that’s what I thought, although that Entrian module is more of a concern for me!

Richie is busy with VST part of Rack, so I expect his Entrian modules will come when things settle a bit


I suggest combining NYSTHI Pitch2Voltage with any envelope follower module (there are many)…suspect it will be fairly close to what you had setup, but if Entrian worked significantly differently on guitar → cv I’d be curious to know!

I’m hoping to finish porting the Entrian modules to Rack V2 this weekend. I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep, but it’s going well so far.

As soon as I have something that’s working, I’ll give you a copy to try out (along with the other people who have kindly volunteered to test them).


Yeah that worked out well!

Great, thank you!

Hello @Richie, I wanted to politely ask if the modules have been ported in the meantime?

Yes, they have, and they should appear in the VCV library soon. (Sorry for the delay - we found a crash bug that was difficult to track down, but it’s now fixed.)


That sounds good, and no problem because of the delay. Thanks a lot.