"instruments" within Rack

While mainline rack doesn’t currently have the ability to append saved patches to whatever you have going, both the RCM experimental version, as well as the Submarine Module Browser can do this.

That being said, what are your favourite “building blocks”, “voices”, or “instruments”, to use in patches? I’m talking a combination of modules that output audio, whether a VCO + Waveshaper, a self-oscillating filter plus a low pass gate, some convoluted glitchy noisemaker, or really any grouping of modules that is an essential sound.

PS. No cheating by suggesting things like Vult’s Incubus, Valley’s Interzone, Impromptu’s Semi-Modular, or similar!

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I like the Audible instruments Macro Oscillator 2 or resonator paired with Blamsoft’s XFX reverb. I’ve now only today replaced my old FX chain with Alright’s Chronoblob and T-Wrex and kept Blamsoft’s XFX tube for some warmth.
I also like the new Meta Oscillator from Starling, great for kicks and for bass paired with Vults Tangents and Slap.
I use Bogaudio LFO’s, mixer’s, compressor and limiter. Any utilities I’ll mix and match.
I really am spoilt for choice these days with VCV, so thanks to all the developers making all fo this possible :slight_smile:

I consider rows in Rack to be at least somewhat logical units. I normally have a mix bus row, a lead, a rhythm, a bass and a drums row. Snake (by Southpole IIRC, sorry if it’s not) is quite key here: each row gets fed run, reset and clocks by it’s own Snake, and then feeds audio to the mix row via a Snake at the end of each row. I use plenty of Flame and Slap by Vult and Magister Fuzz, Convolvzilla and Jira Jira Echo by NYSTHI often feature too.

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