Installing without Internet Connection

Hi - I run VSTs on a laptop no longer connected to the internet. How can I install a plugin/module from the library without the internet? Normally I’ll download a VST to another computer, transfer it to the non-internet computer and run it from a host. Can’t that be done with VCV? Thanks :slight_smile:

The plugins are in a “plugins-v1” folder in the Rack user folder

  • MacOS: Documents/Rack/plugins-v1
  • Windows: My Documents/Rack/plugins-v1
  • Linux: ~/.Rack/plugins-v1

Copy the “plugins-v1” folder including everything in it to the non-internet computer.

You may want to zip the folder - the size of my plugin folder roughly 1GB unzipped, 425MB zipped - having subscribed to almost all free modules.

Hi - thanks for this answer. So I must install VCV Rack on the “source” computer, and also on the receiving computer, then move the folder to the non-internet computer. However, I am running Linux on the source computer and (old) Windows on the non-internet computer. I suppose the plugins folder would be the wrong one? Is there a way to request the Windows “plugins-v1” folder by email instead? Thanks!

I suspect you could offer someone here in the community $50 to zip up their plugin folder (without any paid plugins) and email it to you.

Yes, you have to run the same OS on the source and destination - AFAIK there is no way of just “fetching” the plugins for another OS.

You could install Windows in a VirtualBox machine on the “source” computer, install vcvrack there, let it update the plugins, zip the plugins-v1 folder, and copy it to the “non-internet” computer via a USB drive that is “filtered” to the windows virtual guest.

Install “guest additions” in windows, and enable an usb2 controller at least, or the transfer will be quite slow: Oracle® VM VirtualBox®

There is no supported way of getting the plugins outside of VCVRack updating it’s library, you would have to get a new copy every time a plugin is updated. I’m not going to do that for you.

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Nor would I ask you to! Many thanks for the solutions :sunglasses:

That’s a thought!

For many plugins you could grab the windows builds directly from their github release pages. Or at least for some, I assume most, but at least some.

Note that if you get someone else’s plugin folder, you’ll get all the plugins that they choose to subscribe to. The beauty of VCV is customizing what plugins you have available to you, so that’d be a weird thing to outsource I think.

Interesting! I guess that would include Audible plugins!