Inquiry: Audio Routing in VCV Rack through OBS

So I have been using VCV Rack on a Mac and enjoying streaming with the software. Usually I will setup the stream and monitor the stream through headphones.

This is done with VCV → Audio 2 → Loopback → OBS

What I am wondering is if I can get the audio to go through Loopback without having an active monitor on so the music will play through OBS but not come through headphones. Basically I would like t turn off the monitor.

Any feedback or support is appreciated. Really love this community. Sincerely - DJ Zen Zieke

Two things come to mind:

  • some settings with loopback. I don’t know that one but you can try downloading „blackhole“ (the stereo version is sufficient) and set that as the output driver in your Audio 2 VCV module.

  • in OBS check the settings for the audio source (loopback or then Blackhole). It needs to be set to „output only“ or „monitor and output“ setting in order for you to hear it and the audio being recorded.

SOLUTION found thank you !!! : Final Routing

First step: Set Multi-out device BlackHole 2ch + Headphones

Second Step: Create Aggregate Device:

BlackHole2ch + Microphone Input

Third step: Use Multi-output Device as system default.

Fourth Step: Use ‘Aggregate device’ as audio input for OBS + output for VCV

Thank you @aetrion-music ^w^

-DJ Zen Zieke