Impromtu PhraseSeq3

Having this issue with Impromptu’s sequencers. I write a sequence, but all the gate off notes seem to hold the note. The oscillator drones on holding previous note until the next one. There is no gap in sound. Maybe its because the sequencer does not have an envelope? Tried working one in but no success. The CV goes out from the sequencer into the V/Oct of the VCO. Cannot work out how to envelope this this thing so I can play melodies and not just up and down drones. Long story short. The off notes are not off.


Try this.

The Gate out is triggering the ADSR EnvelopeGenerator that opens the VCA level.

You have connected the gate out to the sync in of VCO 1 what are you trying to accomplish ?

Cheers that worked was missing the VCA

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