Impromptu Modular Announcement and Discussion Thread

(Marc Boulé) #21

Thanks for the suggestion, that makes a lot of sense, and I’ll try to get that in. With the many options that are continually being added, the right-click menu is not getting any smaller, but since it does make musical sense, I think I can handle it ;-).

(Marc Boulé) #22

Impromptu Modular update 0.6.17 brings only a small update to Foundry: the main SEQ/SONG switch now behaves like those used in the PhraseSeq series of sequencers, and the expansion panel was also updated so that in SEQ mode, we can now externally control the playing of the sequences.

This is probably the last update until 1.0, unless something major comes up. The modules have been updated to the current 1.0dev, and only a few minor touch ups remain; after that it’s on to Geodesics to get updated. Of note, the expansion panels that were selectable in the right click menu of certain Impromptu modules will be replaced by separate expander modules selectable in the module browser. Patches using expanders will need to be updated unfortunately.

(TroubledMind) #23

What happened with DeadMau5?

(Latif) #24

Ask him?

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(Jon Heal) #25

Hello, Marc Boulé,

I have a feature request for the Big Button sequencers. I was assuming the Snap button would cause the sequencers to ignore my spastic timing and instead place the triggers/gates exactly on beats. And it does seem to do so – after the fact, but for me, it would be great if it also held the first hits of those spastic button click until the beat and then fired the first trigger/gate. if I don’t click right on the beat, and I rarely do, that first hit is off-beat and my wife slaps me in the back of my head.

Is this change/option possible?

(Jean-Sébastien Monzani) #26

Hey @Jon ,
Just a suggestion in the meantime: send your gate through a sustain and hold unit and trigger it with whatever quantization you like (say 1/4 clock step for instance)

(Jon Heal) #27


I think I have done what you suggested using the Bogaudio S&H in Track mode. I was clocking the Big Button sequencer with an LFO-1, so I sent the same LFO-1 to the S&H’s Gate input, and then routed the output of the Big Button sequencer through the S&H.

This pretty much works, although if I my timing is really bad, the signal coming out of the S&H, though on beat, can be truncated a bit so that the drum it is triggering sounds truncated on the first pass.

(Jean-Sébastien Monzani) #28

You’re welcome. I wouldnt have gone for the Track mode but plain S&H instead but if it fits your need, then fine :wink: I guess you’re triggering drums? If you’re using very short gates and you’re missing the clock quantization signal completely (i.e., your gate is so short that it’s already off when the clock quantization signal triggers), you can add an extra Bogaudio DGATE module on your gate before the S&H and add a short duration to it so that your input signal lasts longer.

Well, don’t know if it helps. Just an idea.

(Jon Heal) #29

Thanks, Jean-Sébastien, I will try that, too. :grinning:

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(Marc Boulé) #30

Hi guys, I’m a bit under the weather these days, so I’ll have to get back to the discussion a bit later. Thanks for jumping in JS.

(Marc Boulé) #31

So the idea would be to add an option so that it would always store and play the triggers on the following beats from when we enter hits using the big button, correct? As it is now, it works like this:

Big button hit with SNAP off:

  • play the trigger exactly when the button is hit
  • record the trigger in the beat that last happened (i.e. the current step)

Big button hit with SNAP on:

  • if the nearest beat is the one that should come next (given current BPM), play and record the trigger in the next beat to come
  • if the nearest beat is the last on that happened, do the same as when SNAP is off.

With a new OPTION in the right click menu, it would change the behavior as follows:

Big button when OPTION is on (SNAP has no effect):

  • play and record the trigger in the next beat that is to come

Did I get your request right?
Cheers Jon

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(Jon Heal) #32

I think so. I had some trouble describing what I was experiencing with my poor timing. But what I was hearing, even with SNAP on, is an occasional “in-between” beat. And I guess that was because I was hitting the Big Button too closely to the previous beat and SNAPping was ignored for that for that Big Button press.

Sorry I have such terrible timing …

(Marc Boulé) #33

Exactly, in the case when snap is on and the nearest beat is the last one, it plays it as soon as it can, which is right when the button hits. I could also have made it not play anything too, but thought that it would be weird to sometimes hear the hit (when the nearest beat is the next one), and other times having to wait until it loops around to hear the hit.

Sorry I have such terrible timing …

No worries :slight_smile: I’ll try to get this done for the initial 1.0 release, so your wife stops slapping you in the back of the head :wink: (That made me laugh!)

(Jon Heal) #34

Thank you, sir! :point_up:

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(Marc Boulé) #35

Coming in Impromptu 1.0.0: an option to turn off phrase sequencers when the song ends (currently it always loops the song). In PhraseSeq16/32, SMS16 and GateSeq64, it’s just a switch, but here’s what it looks like in Foundry; since there are 4 tracks, we can choose which track serves as the reference to stop the sequencer (thanks to Omri for this suggestion).

(Marc Boulé) #36

The BigButton option you mentioned is ready Jon. If ever you are building Rack 1.0 and want to try it, it’s ready in my v1 branch, but if not, it’ll be part of Impromptu 1.0.0 in the plugin manager when Rack 1.0 is released. Cheers!

(Jon Heal) #37

Thanks very much, Marc. I anxiously await version 1.0. Not doing my own builds right now, I’m afraid. :grinning:

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