Impromptu Gate-Seq-64 Setting Advance Gate Modes?

How is this done?

from the manual:

Advanced gate mode

The advanced gate mode in GateSeq64 has some similarities to the one available in the PhraseSeq16/32 sequencers. Each gate type has its own LED button.

Holding the MODE button for two seconds allows the selection of the clock resolution, in number of pulses per step (PPS). When set to a value greater than 1, which unlocks the advanced gate mode, the sequencer will skip this many clock pulses before advancing to the next step. In such cases, a multiplied clock must be supplied in order to keep the same tempo in the sequencer. In advanced gate mode, the pulse width of the clock is not used and has no effect on the gates.

The PPS should be a multiple of 4 for the first three gate types, while the PPS should be a multiple of 6 for the last five gate types. A chosen gate type not meeting its required pulse rate will have a red LED beside it to indicate this (normally it is green). When a gate type is red, the sequencer will still emit a (possibly empty) gate pattern for that step, but with no guarantee that it will match the type that was selected. All gate types can be used when selecting a PPS value of 12 or 24.


Thanks. This does work immediately after a trigger is enabled by clicking on it. However what I didn’t know how to do was to change the trigger mode of an existing active trigger.

After more experimenting I now realize that it’s necessary to click an existing active trigger TWICE to select it and leave it enabled, allowing the trigger mode to be set. i.e. The first click deactivates the trigger and the second reactivates it allowing allowing a new trigger mode to be applied and to be heard.