Import MIDI files into VCV Rack using Entrian Sequencers / Entrian Free

The Entrian Sequencers (both commercial and free) now support MIDI import:

  • Import multi-track polyphonic melodies.
  • Melody import understands pitch bend, channel volume, and channel expression.
  • Import drum grooves.
  • Import CV: pitch bend, mod wheel, tempo, volume, expression, channel pressure, pan.
  • Full editing in Entrian Sequencers; limited editing (import, move, and delete clips) in Entrian Free.

Here’s a 4-minute video demo:


Ridiculously cool update Richie!! :smiley:

And excellent demo :ok_hand:t3:

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I know I’m incredibly late to the party, but thank you so much for adding this feature! It’s so awesome!

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Does it support MIDI sequence drag&drop from a VST plugin like Scaler 2 by Plugin boutique ?

Edit: I see a “Paste” in the GUI.

FYI - Entrian is a great seq. My free sequencers have had MIDI file import and export for a very long time.

This video explains what i’m after:

It absolutely must by initiated by a drag and drop operation? don’t know if I’ve seen that in VCV.

I’m not a programmer, and i haven’t seen it either.

I just looked with Procmon, when dragging a “chord” from VCVHost loaded Scaler2 to VCV loaded Entrian seq - filtering out “rack.exe”

C:\Users\jpn99\AppData\Local\Temp\Plugin Boutique\Scaler2\Scaler-Chord.mid is the temp file and it seems that rack has the api function:

but no VCV sequencers implement it AFAIK.

Not midi related but Nysthi Simpliciter has the drag&drop loading feature for wav files.

So maybe Richie can look into this, as a feature request?

I’m afraid you can’t drag-and-drop MIDI into Entrian Sequencers, but it looks possible. @Jens.Peter.Nielsen, could you raise a feature request at Issues · EntrianAudio/Rack · GitHub please?

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