iMac i5 vs NUC i5

New to VCV and totally in love but am very surprised that my iMac i5 (3,4 GHz i5, 40GB RAM, Radeon Pro 570 4 GB) is not performing well at all. Totally glitchy once a patch starts getting complex. I read in other discussions that Mac’s lack of support of OpenGL is the reason, but just wanted to confirm this.

I have a small intel NUC with an i5 processor (a computer i bought for $300) and it is outperforming the iMac on the same patch!

Is this a reality or do i have a different issue on my Mac?

If the GPU is key in this equation, does the fact that the NUC is running a very low res monitor play a roll vs the Retina display on the iMac?


Apple deprecated OpenGL on Mac with MacOS 10.4, Mojave. My understanding is that MacOS 10.5, Catalina, to be released this fall, will remove support for OpenGL altogether, although I don’t know if that’s official. I do know that Apple game developers have been forced to use Metal instead of OpenGL.

The low res monitor helps, but your best bet is to reduce the frame rate on the Mac, as mentioned elsewhere.

Noted and thank you for the reference to relevant post!

Holy crap, limiting frame rate made a HUGE difference, THANK YOU.

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You may trade retina for low resolution mod, but keep frame rate CMD+I -> Check Open in Low Resolution

Thanks @diimdeep I tried that earlier, it did made some difference but the limited frame rate is really doing the trick… Plus is was a bit sad to be missing the beautiful module renders.

This is false

I spoke with some developers who mentioned this in passing. What is your source?

I’m running Rack on Mac 10.15 beta as I’m typing this. Apple isn’t going to make a large change such as removing an OpenGL implementation between a Mac beta and its public release.


I don’t know why they’d completely remove it anyway, since it’s there. It’s also the basis of a lot of widely used scientific and engineering software.

I’m out of that world now but Apple used to aggressively market their hardware in the scientific computing and engineering world. Dropping OpenGL would piss a lot of people off and drive them to Linux or Windows.


Hi guys, just wondering is anyone using Rack on an intel NUC or other mini pc (as a dedicated machine for Rack) ?

If so any specs, performance info would be great.

All the best
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