I'm looking for a super simple sequencer.

I want to be able to specify different durations of steps, which I think of as quarter notes and eight notes. I want to be able to enter a specific, deterministic, sequence - no randomness. I will be using 12 tones per octave, although like everyone else I can use a quantizer if need be. Ability to run polyphonic with a poly clock a plus (like the previous post on this) really want something easy to use and learn.


Don’t know if it’s simple, but it does a lot of what you want.

Or maybe

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Entrian sequencers. With the Drummer one, you can focus on just the triggers, and the Timeline on, on Notes…

Yeah, those ones you need to learn how to get notes into them. I’d prefer not to do that.

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A little overkill for this. At that rate I would use my own Seq++. But thank!

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For me when I want to be exact about gate length and note selection I really like EnCore by BiDoo, it is just like Zou Mai, but the higher resolution clock input makes it a much better sequencer. It is not a polyphonic mode sequencer but it has 8 outputs and I have stacked chords with it before. It is great to work with as it has 64 steps per track, with a view of 16 at a time and easy copy paste between tracks and groups of steps, plus it will hold 8 patterns of the 8 tracks at a time and can be advanced with cv. The ability to make any length gate tween a 32nd note and all 64 steps is a big plus, plus it will let you push and pull the exact placement of gates by 32nd note increments, and it has 2 more cv channels for modulation. keyboard style note entry tool.

For a different flavor with some pluses and minuses, the Jp Lab 4 track and 3 track are very useful, very deterministic with many rhythms and rests and ties available. It has a chord mode too where you are sending a poly signal, no matter the clock, It also has ways to use the sequence lines in different combinations like ABCD, A twice as long with a single length B & C, A twice as long and B twice as long, and even A only 4 times as long. flexible and no random tricks but it has some fun expanders that can do things like shift or shuffle notes. keyboard style note entry tool also, that can auto advance if you know what row of notes and rests you want to enter


That sounds exactly like JW’s NoteSeq, doesn’t it?

I thought of that one, but never used it, so I didn’t Know. I will try it, thanks! Update: seems to do the job. I got a bug, I suspect it’s in the module I’m working on - not in the sequencer :wink:

hi Bruce,
I think this one is pretty good for your needs ( it got an expander module for more steps too):