I'm looking for a module to.........

Is there a module that has an audio in, a threshold knob to select when audio hits the threshold amount it sends out a trigger?

I’ve tried Hora Follower but this doesn’t seem to do this, it looks like it would, but it doesn’t…

Any other ideas?

A comparator will do that. Try the count modula one.

A follower followed by a comparator.


great thanks both, I’ll give them a go now

A fine fellow followed the first fellow’s comparator suggestion with advice to use the first following a follower, lest the original advice lay fallow.

Something like that. I’m sure it can be improved.


A Cable Colour util that changes the colour of the cables already in use, when you change the colour definition.

No idea if it’s possible.


I’m assuming the 6 byte color specification is stored with each cable. So simply changing color configuration couldn’t work - you would need an old to new mapping.

A module could be built that allows a user to select a cable, and then define a new color to replace the current color, and then automatically apply that change to all cables that match the original color. That might be a nice extension to Cable Colour Key

but we are off topic (though on point with the title as written)

I’m looking for this module VCV Library - Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Splirge (does not show up in vcv 2)

Is there an alternative ? Description : 4 channels polyphonic split and merge with optional sort mode

I want to make this ‘MatrixFXMixer’ . @ 14:00 min VCV Rack Ideas Tutorials - #25 by VCVRackIdeas

Without the sort mode :


It is awfully wide if all you want to do is split and/or merge with sort. But I believe the Nysthi Multivoltimetro should work starting with version 2.0.12.

Here is what the 2.0.12 change log says:


  • add VOLTAGES SORT for polyphonic incoming voltages (ascending - descending)
  • add poly voltage merging
  • poly voltage are positional and overridable (if you insert a 4 chan in position position 10 channel 10 11 12 and 13 will be used

Unfortunately the most recent Nysthi version available in the library is 2.0.10. But you can get more recent binaries (currently up to 2.0.15) at Releases · nysthi/nysthi · GitHub.

I haven’t strayed from the library version, so I don’t know how well it works.

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Thanks this works, I just have been dipping my toes into Pandora’s box, I mean VCV :grin:

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ShapeMaster’s side chain input can do this. With the main scope set to side chain mode you get a visualisation of the envelope follower and the Trig Lev knob sets the threshold (also visualised on the scope). Just draw a simple trigger shape and it will fire every time the envelope follower curve crosses the threshold. The visualisation makes setting it up and seeing when it fires very easy.

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