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I am enjoying the forum very much, but have noticed that I do not like a certain style of some other member. I do not want to call names, as this person has the full right to engage in his own way. It’s just not my way :sweat_smile: I would really like to ignore this person, without direct confrontations etc. So I am wondering:

Is there a discrete way to put someone in a kind of spam folder, so their posts are being hidden for me? Like a personal setting or something similar. Maybe I have overlooked this feature and someone could point me towards it. Many thanks!



Personnaly,from a human way of thinking,using that is a proof of weakness


Thank you very much :sunglasses:

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Ah, the silence is golden! Thanks.



your mixing skills are poor

You will be trapped by your jealousy

But maybe you play a role to push me to the top

stop that


the renoise competition will lead to a surprise

A promise is a promise

I launch Cakewalk free and I have the weapons

Yes - Salvation!

It is unfortunate that the “Latest” page does not honor the ignore - it still informs me when a post has been made, even though it is hidden when I enter the thread.

But definitely an improvement.


I have spoke like a hater

yeah, this is great, just ignored a few prodigious posters. And it is too bad that the top feed still serves them upl

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Not left all my secret

And no one have my brain and ears

If one person have jealousy in a group,nearly all others are infected

so,avoid jealous persons

TNT is the creator of this post

Multi account

Abject person IMO

I feel like I am probably one of those annoying overly prodigious posters at times, if so I apologize for the added noise!

Not at all Dan! No, it’s some people, or maybe just one shifting identifies, just posting nonsense and/or noise. But most have been reported and dealt with.


It’s easy to get on a roll with a topic and one thing leads to another and I find I have posted several replies that could have been done with just one, if I had planned ahead. But, no, you are not one of the recent meaningless “griefers”, possibly bots.

Pleading guilty to not only occasionally steering off topic but also to spewing many words at times. All with the best intentions, though. But, as we say in the Netherlands: The road to hell is paved with good intentions…

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