Idea: Turing Machine(s) with storable/recallable register(s)/bit pattern(s)

Hi there,

I wonder if its possable to create a Turing Machine that has a set of save slots for its register values (and the ability to save the current playing pattern to one of the save slots). The save slots should be selectable and recallable via CV, but also have the option to work like a regular TM (with the probability set to locked, the sequence plays as saved (from a temporary buffer/shift register), but by unlocking it it should “mutate” that sequence (slowly or more radical, depending on the lock setting). So, basicly, the Enimga TM from the Ornament & Crime alt firmware:

The idea is to get the best of both worlds, the wild unexpected rändomness of a TM , and the more musical pleasing concept of known and liked repeating patterns of a sequencer.



I don’t know if you’ve seen VCV Library - Impromptu ProbKey, but it has some of the elements you mention (gradual lock, 25 settings indexed by CV control). It might not have all that you describe regarding bit patterns, but it could perhaps be interesting for your use case.

For this I use Stoermelder 8FACE + whatever TM (typically grayscale permutation), works fine.


Cool, need to check it out ! Using a sequencer with probability elements seems to be easier (if you want a specific result), anyways. One thing I still did not try in VCV is something I did in some earlier version of voltage modular: record from a sequencer into a looping shift register, with the option to add/substract some voltage in the loop of the shift register, thus mutating its step(s). In the replay section, I had sequencial swith with cv control, to alter between original (from sequencer) and mutated (from shift register).

Sweet, have to give that a try, just grabed the pre-release version of the stoermelder pack1 (Release Development build · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone · GitHub) for VCV v2.