idea: sfizz based sample player

would anyone of the developers around here maybe be interested in writing a (preferrably open source) module using the freely available and quite good sfizz library ( to use sfz samples of which there is a growing number of high quality ones around? … i tried to integrate the sfizz jack standalone sampler into my sonaremin setup, but it did not work out well as i had to add multiple audio interfaces to vcvrack to route back the audio signal from them into rack and that resulted in quite unreliable behaviour (sometimes high latency and sometimes high cpu usage) … but when i played around with it it was very nice to be able to mix the electronic sound of the vcv oscillators with organic sounds like piano or strings via the sampler … worst case one can always do it by generating midi and seinding it to a daw with some samplers, but maybe someone with the proper skills (which i am missing) likes the idea too and would like to think about implementing such a module … just an idea

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What is the benefit of sfizz? Is it like an opensource Kontact?

SFZ is an open standard ( similar to Kontakt, HALion, etc. that is easy to parse due to being plaintext plus a folder of WAV/AIFF/etc samples. There are several open-source and proprietary implementations of it, so it’s the perfect sample format for someone to build a VCV Rack sampler with. Here are some sample libraries that come in SFZ.


just to give an idea of what can be done with such a sfz sampler here are a few minutes output of a random based generative patch i built using six sfizz sampler voices:

best wishes - hexdump


Oh I’m glad this has some interest! I’ve been working on a .sfz player using OpenSFZ. It’ll be getting more attention once I finish up the module I’m currently working to release.


@iggylabs maybe have a look at sfizz too - it is very high quality and has a very active and fast development too

For sure. I am looking at multiple libraries because this one seems a little too large for the needs of a module. From my quick glance, it seemed to have quite a bit of code related to building a VST and GUI that wouldn’t be necessary for a VCV Rack implementation.

However, upon closer inspection, I might consider taking a stripped down version of the audio components of sfizz. :smiley:

i did not really look too deep into it, but my impression was that it was actually a library which is then used by the plugins … but i might be wrong of course

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Ah, I believe you are right and I was mistaken. I’ll need to do a little more digging as I get more into development :smiley:

Edit about a month later: Loading a shared library like sfizz is currently a pain point in developing a module. This path is more of an adventure in figuring-out-how-to-build from other libraries than I want to travel down right now, but I might get back to it another day. Point being, any devs looking to implement sfizz in a module shouldn’t feel like they will be stepping on any toes! I don’t know when/if I’ll get around to finishing it. :slight_smile:

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I noticed this when you originally posted it. I eventually decided to do it (and after reading that @iggylabs sawn’t working on it any more). Well, I made an SFZ Player, but I didn’t use sfizz. The result is in the plugin library. It has the imaginative name “SFZ Player”.

@Squinky - i noticed it and i’m very happy about that new plugin … as long as it is playing sfz files well it does not matter if its sfizz based or not :slight_smile: