Iconnectivity XM and XL

Hi, is anyone here using either of the two devices? Thinking about getting the XM, but I am not sure how stable these devices work. Found reviews, but no user reviews.

Hi I bought xm some time ago. It does its job well connecting all midi devices and PC. It seems pretty stable - I just keep it turned on and all my devices always communicate without hassle. It also works well with all my usb devices (which are keystep, beatstep, synthstrom deluge, digital yamaha piano) while simultanously powering all of them which can be powered over usb. However, it gets painful when I try to change configuration. Rerouting inputs/outputs is ok, but renaming DAW ports is a lot of trouble (but this could be more a Win10 midi port naming issue). Also, recently Auracle software began to stop detecting the device after each update, so i have to reinstall from scratch. TLDR if you set it up once for a long time ahead, it’s a workhorse. Also, I didn’t find any modern alternatives when i was looking for a way to connect midi easily, so if you really need such a device, it may be your only option.

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Thanks for the very informative answer. Hoped to use it with Arturia Minilab, Maschine MK2 and Ipad. Sounds as if this would work. I also didn’t find alternatives that are nearly as flexible as this.

I’m not sure about Ipad, I tried to setup Lemur on mine to work via mioxm, but didn’t succeed. The absense of clear manuals is another problem with mioXM. If you ever figure it out, drop a line here :slight_smile:

The manual is pretty lightweight for sure.