I want to know why this error occurs ㅠㅠ

(in MyModule.cpp , plugin.cpp , plugin.hpp)

I’ve just started creating my modules And I found a fantastic video that helped me set up

It’s really helpful for me. Thanks.

So, I was able to create “MyModule” in VCV rack But I encountered an error

I’m not good at programming and don’t know why this error occurs. I tried searching for a solution on the internet And copied that. But I couldn’t resolve this issue

I wonder if the error is caused by the file name is in Korean.

are you getting a compiler error? That error just looks like a VSC code intelligence error, which you could ignore. GCC should be able to handle unicode filenames. I usually use korean phrases to test related issues.

I had this same problem before. Use the code from the link below to paste into a pthread.h file. This ensures you have the declarations for threading. pthread.h source code [include/pthread.h] - Codebrowser

Make sure the pthread.h file is located where it needs to be. I recommend zipping all your dependencies so you can use them in future projects without getting this issue again. Hope this helps!