I want to add random 16th/8th notes rolls in my patch, but

The patch :

I want to add random 16th notes rolls. I will trigger them with an AND, both conditions being the clock and a clocked random gate with a bernoulli gate.

But I want the rolls to be velocity tied, I want crescendos and decrescendos.

The output VCA already has the ADSR information and the overall velocity information. If I tie the rolls to this VCA, it won’t behave as intended.

Any idea ? It bugs me for several patches now, I can’t find the clever way

Thanks !

I’ll bet you can do it with Shape Master. @steve ?

Oh, btw, Comp is find if you only need a channel or 2, but if you want a separate comp on every send from MindMeld mixer, Comp II is your new best friend.

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Shape Master has very nice curves, but my pain right now is not what module to use, but where and how to use it in my chain ; In my mind, I want two volume chains merged in some way but the building part doesn’t make sense yet

Oh, and this is my master comp before limiting, when I need per track compression I already use Comp II as an insert :wink:

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Not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve, but the way I interpret your request, you need two additional VCAs.

Currently you have an envelope as CV control into your existing VCA.

Take that envelope as input to a 2nd VCA, and use your ANDed clock/random gates as CV control for the 2nd VCA. Then take that output as CV control for a 3rd VCA that controls your roll output.

Or perhaps I totally misunderstand what you are trying to achieve.


I’m not sure I really understand what you’re after either - Are you talking about rolls like snare rolls? Or rolls more like a trance gate?

ShapeMaster can potentially, take care of both with its built in VCAs. If you wanted to add crescendos/decrescendos to a snare roll for example you could just pass the audio through a SM channel, trigger it with the same trigger that starts your roll, draw a ramp shape and set length as desired.

To do a gated crescendo/decrescendo of 16ths, pass the audio through a SM channel, set the grid-x to 32 and draw in 16 steps in a ramp pattern. Add smoothing if required.

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I dropped it, I was unable to make it sound natural, both VCAs were cutting each other. I tried different setups, ditched the whole chain and went for a random clock multiplication without volume ramp.


I need to try ShapeMaster, but like every MindMeld module I’m afraid that once I try it I can’t use anything else

The instrument in my patch was an audible resonator, it produces some sort of bended string and I wanted to do gentle rolls, the sort you can do with your fingernails on a guitar. Finally clock multiplication is simpler than what I had in mind, I’m used to have precise control over velocity inside my DAW and I rely heavily on it, so in VCV I really feel impaired (for now)

Thank you for the explanation tho, I’ll get SM and try things

The Bogaudio VELO VCA is designed specifically to handle velocity information

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This will so much change my life

Thank you !