I wanna use VCV Rack vcf to control ableton channels

Hi I’m pretty new to VCV Rack,

how can I use VCV rack’s Voltage Controlled Filter to replace Ableton’s auto filter?

I like the sounds of VCV rack’s Tangent filter.

Or anyone knows any Steiner VCF kinda thing for Ableton’s plug-in?

Thanks in advance for ur problem-solving Brain

You either need the VCV Pro version and use as vst inside ableton or seqech for vst filters that you use inside ableton, I like the fabfilter volcano, but there are so many options out there …

Yep this is a free one that might do what you want:

Otherwise you’d need the Pro version to use the Vult filters specifically, and patch an envelope follower to cutoff for an auto filter effect (or use a regular envelope triggered by MIDI-CV moduleto get a trigger).