I need help figuring out how to use audio in Bitwig with VCV Rack Pro version 2

I’m just starting out in VCV Rack and have been able to figure out a lot of things just messing around and trying things but I can’t solve this one problem.

All I want to do is play a sound file on a Bitwig track and bring that into VCV Rack VST3 plugin (all within Bitwig) for processing. I’m using the VCV Core audio modules (both 2 ch. and 8 channel) and routing the audio track in Bitwig to Blackhole and then using VCV Core Audio module and using Core MIDI (I’m on Mac) and blackhole as the input. The channels are all correct but I get no audio. Sending audio out to my DAW works fine. I just can’t get the audio playing on a track into VCV rack. I’ve tried many other configurations and interfaces, like my Audient ID14 MkII and iConnectMIDI2+ and just can’t seem to get it right.

Any tips greatly appreciated. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve spent all day on this! The more I couldn’t do it, the more I wanted to figure it out. I wasn’t able to find any helpful videos showing how this is done.

to recap, I need some way to bring external audio into VCV Rack that I can use to process. Could be audio running on a track or just an audio file from my hard drive.



Is the answer in this video ? At around 34:00. I don’t have Bitwig.

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OMG! I think that answered my question! I’d actually watched that video up to 30 minutes and got frustrated. I think the thing I was missing is that audio works differently within VCV Rack when you use the FX version of the plugin. I loaded everything in there and it’s all working now. Than you so much for responding!

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