I need a suggestion about Music to listen to

Hello there and friendly greetings! As per title: I am searching for something to listen to and to be inspired by.

Hoping to help, here are some informations:

I tend to stay in these genres - 8580/8581, experimental, chiptune, dark ambient/ambient industrial, electro-industrial. You got the picture. :wink:

My favorite artists so far include Tangerine Dream (“Journey through a burning brain” was my first impact. Then after an episode of Black Mirror, Phaedra). Edgar Froese solo albums, Lustmord (man how I just love his Music!!!) and SPK, Jean Michelle Jarre (not all his albums. For istance I just love “En attendant Cousteau” and “Zoolook”), Kraftwerk, Zoviet France, Wendy Carlos, Isao Tomita (thank you Black Mirror…), Klaus Schulze, Chrome (Half Machine Lip Moves), Maryanne Amacher, Art Of Noise (“In No Sense? Nonsense!” was one of my very first LP when I was a teenager) and a lot of the '80 popsynth.

So, in your opinion and experience, are there new groups or musicians that make these kind of genres?

I want to nosedive into it all and lost myself as deep as the rabbit hole goes. And possibly even further.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, idea, criticisms you might give me! Be well and have a great day! :sunglasses: :wave:

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Check out these:

Doug McKechnie

Dick Raaijmakers

Thierry Gotti

Takashi Kokubo

Hania Rani

That should keep you busy for a bit

I really like this site:

Well, I don’t know about 8580, never heard about it, but I am an old appreciator of EBM, industrial rock, electro-industrial and what not. So what I would recommend (and you probably heard some of these bands) Skinny Puppy (+Tear Garden, Download, PlatEAU, Doubting Thomas, Hilt, Cyberaktif), Nine Inch Nails, Front 242, The Young Gods, Foetus, Das Ich up to 1999 (it starts with darkwave then goes to industrial and then to dark cabaret after 99, which don’t like at all), Ministry up to Twitch album (it goes hard even after that, but it’s industrial metal after that, pretty much). I don’t see Coil in your list. Coil is great. Throbbing Gristle is great, but I think I like their first revival more than what they did originally. 20 Jazz Funk Greats is a great album though, but TG Now (2004) is just perfection to my taste. Their second revival (The Third Mind Movements) and XTG was nice, but short-lived and I think they could’ve done better. just my opinion, again.

Now, continuing! I can’t think of pure EMB and electroindustrial acts, so just whatever comes to my mind here, there might be typos or mistakes, cause I am ESL, so - Normal (a project by Daniel Miller), Haus Arafna, November Novelet, The Legendary Pink Dots, Die Form, Einstuerzende Neubauten (+ ANBB and Blixa’s projects with Teho Teardo and a cool solo album by Rudy Moser), Deutsch Nepal, Sophia (+Arcana), Revolting Cocks, Pigface… Also there was an album by Gary Numan’s keyboard player, I believe. It featured Gary Numan. I don’t remember his name… is it Ade Fenton? I think so. Anyway, that would do. I think that’s enough bands for you to check, even if you heard most of them, there probably are some new names here


Just to add to Andre_M’s really wonderful list…

  • Nitzer Ebb

  • YelworC

  • A;grumh

  • Eggvn

  • Funker Vogt

  • :Wumpscut:

  • Suicide Commando

  • Leaether Strip

also, believe it or not, I think you’ll enjoy the sound track for a video game series: Command & Conquer.

You can see it performed live by its creator here:

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You might get a kick out of this article I wrote in here:

Of the newer/younger artists I have found to be very interesting in pushing electronic music further, I would mention:

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith:

And Caterina Barbieri:


I knew I was right to ask for suggestions…

Thank you so much for all the answers! I got days and days to listening! :star_struck: