I found the theme change button!


would you like to have the dark theme as default ?

  • yes please!
  • maybe
  • oh no, i love the white theme!

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really interested now if i will be able to erase that topic :smiley:


spoiler… you cant :slight_smile:

I’ve had the black theme on another forum for a while, but I’ve gotten back to the white one. It is so elegant.

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Dark theme looks good, easier on the eyes IMO.


what is the difference between white and neutral?
I would like a gray theme :wink:

The neutral theme has a dark header.

If you create a Discourse theme and host it on GitHub, I’ll add it if the design is polished. However, using a gray background guarantees that the text contrast will be at most 50% and will probably not be readable enough to be considered polished.


I made a light grey theme, but I’ve no idea where and how to host it on github,
so I try to add it here in a zip
maybe it will classify as polished, I really would like to use it.

rsmus7_grey.zip (693 Bytes)

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That format is fine, but installing and previewing it doesn’t appear to change the appearance of anything. The background of threads is still white for example.

I think that maybe it would be better to put the dark theme a couple of days and then make the poll to know what the people think … so we can have a real taste of it to judge :wink:

:sweat_smile: :rofl: I just realized that this option is in the user profile! :rofl:

Trying the Dark theme now, but i think i will come back to Light in few minutes :wink:

I don’t know why the theme is still white,
it should look like this:

here is the color scheme I used on it:

I tried to save it again and I looked in the .json file, can it maybe need a change in the code from
“can_share”:false to “can_share”:true ? Sorry, I’ve never worked with json files before.

the theme ID is 1490 and the color scheme ID is 1502

the code of the scheme is:

“color_scheme”:{“id”:1502,“name”:“New Color Scheme”,“is_base”:null,

here is a new zip, maybe this works :wink:

rsmus7_grey_4.zip (709 Bytes)

I hope it will work now

That looks like an old version of Discourse since I don’t have the Themes tab but a “Customize” tab with a Theme and Component subpage. It appears that this theme is actually just a color scheme, but I see no way to upload a color scheme. So I’ve copied each hex color to a new scheme and created a new theme which uses it. You can now select “Gray” as your theme to enable this.

thank you for adding the gray theme :+1:,

I did this with the theme creator

see here:

I could download it there, but I didn’t find no way to upload it :roll_eyes: maybe it is only for testing …

anyway, thank you

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I agree. The default white theme is quite elegant and very well proportioned. For my tastes it could be even a little more dense, but that’s small potatoes. It works really well! Again - good, no, great! choice of Discourse Andrew!

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