I feel like I've profanated a temple

But I regret nothing! :smiley:
I made a very small patch trying to catch the atmosphere of “Metal Machine Music” but I feel as if something is still missing…

Any suggestion, cricism is very welcome!
Even things like “dude, that patch sucks” is welcome if you explain why it sucks. I’m serious! :slight_smile:

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what sucks is that it’s not recreatable for us without host (not to mention without the vsts).

Could you post a touch of the audio somewhere pretty please with a cherry on top?

My apologies, @Patman… I’ve been away for soooooo long…

I’m back (I hope) and learning to use VCV 1.0 and yes, maybe to dig deeper into a better version of METAL MACHINE MUSIC 2019 but without Host.

Dunno yet, I literally come back today and I am really confused about all those news, updates, and all.

I guess it will take some times…

And I am scared AF to see what NYSTHI had made… :scream::rofl:

The headline is Simpliciter…
But other than that less than you’d think. Imagine the effort of making all those modules polyphonic.

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@dag2099, you don’t know Tuzzi and what is he capable of…

He made a S.A.M. speech synth for the 0.6 “just because”, for the fun of it. :sunglasses:

I won’t be surprised at all if one of these days he will drop the complete line of plugins, 100% poly, with new layout and with some new stuff included.

I suspect that guy is artificial. :rofl::joy:

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Well, by my count (at https://github.com/nysthi/nysthi/blob/master/changelog1.0.1_parsed.md), there was 8 brand new modules (6 of them were new Poly variants), and 28 updated/bugfixed modules (with 8 of them adding Poly features).

Not to mention the 115 modules (as of 1.0) that had to be ported…

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Oh, I believe you. I just don’t really know how to keep up.

If Tuzzi had removed SAM I am going to do very bad thing to him…





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