I don't want to move my user folder

(Win 10). Apologies of this is covered elsewhere. Just updated to 2.5.1 and, before Rack opens, I get an error message saying that it’s unable to move my user folder and I should do it manually. I previously moved the folder (along with all my documents) to a different drive as my Win drive is a fairly small SSD and I don’t want to crowd it. I can’t remember how I originally changed it and there doesn’t seem to be an obvious option. Is there any way to persuade Rack that my user folder is where I want it to be and I’m not going to move it?

Perhaps modifying your VCV shortcut to include the -u command line option as described here: Installing & Running - VCV Rack Manual might work.

or use an environment variable.


It’s briefly mentioned as the last line on this page:Installing & Running - VCV Rack Manual

I had a system environment variable RACK_USER_DIR set to a location on a secondary SSD, when installing VCV Rack 2.5.1 preview - and it didn’t ask me to move anything.

That did it: thanks!

I am really not adept at command lines. I hope that VCV changes their approach about requiring either moving the file from another drive or creating a workaround. I really like the way it has been.

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