I-don't-know-what-I-am-doing first patch ;)


my very first (published) old patch with VCVrack:

Sadly, I did not have time to go deeper and continue the explorations.
Looking forward to learn from this forum! :heart_eyes:


Do you still have the patch file?

I would be interested to see what you set up and provide any suggestions.

hey @ProfessorBleepBloop should be this one :wink:

here you go, this was one of my very first (and somehow last attempt) with vcvrack

squittii.vcv (14.3 KB)

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Sorry for the late reply,

The semester started and I have been swamped with class prep. I’ll download it and check it out this week!

If seems like you first exploration was fairly successful!

The main thing I noticed is your use of gates and logic directly into control voltage inputs. You may find more interesting things if you utilize these for controlling / triggering LFOs, other sequencers, and envelops.

I’ve attached a little pdf I made for students a little over a year ago. I need to update it, but it may be a good reference for you.

IntroAudioSynthesis.pdf (2.2 MB)


I liked that…

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Hey @ProfessorBleepBloop – I did a quick scan of the pdf, looks like very cool stuff! Thank you for sharing!
I really appreciate :heart_eyes:

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That’s actually really good stuff Mike! Added to Beginners guide to VCV Rack.


Aw thanks,

It could use some work, but I am so swamped (good thing) here at ECU.