I do mastering.

I haven’t read the rules about posting commercial (well this is semi-commercial self promotion) so moderators feel free to delete if self-promotion is a problem.

But anyway…

I’ve actually been mastering releases for 20 years or so, mostly for friends but some commercial releases.

I mention this if anyone wants mastering done. I charge for commercial releases, but accept donations for stuff like bandcamp self releases.

Why might you want someone to master your releases? 1. A fresh set of ears making final decisions about levels and tonal balance. 2. I probably have better in-the-box tools than you do. I have a UAD-2 so I have things like virtual Fairchild 670 compressor and Manley Massive Passive EQ. 3. I’ve done a ton of mastering, and I think I have a good record of satisfied friends and customers.

As an example of my work, I mastered this project. I about lost my mind, but I did it.

DM me if this is something you’re interested in.


Thanks for the offer! Great sound in your example! Reminds me of the sound on Peter Gabriel albums SO and later.

I mastered al 120 plus tracks of that compilation. I can’t take credit for Aaron Carl’s drums though. I bet I had nothing to that one except to limit it to get it up to level.

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