I decided to lay - Lucas Marchetti

Hi there, dear modular synthesis addicts. :syringe:

I finally decided to lay. Even if I’ve been making eggs for a few years already, nobody has seen them yet. :egg:

These last few months I’ve been having fun making generative patches in dark and ambient colors. :control_knobs:

All the production and mixing is done in VCV Rack, the mastering with Izotope RX 8. :radioactive:

I look forward to hearing your feedback and sharing with you. :handshake:

A little follow on bandcamp will give me a little boost if you have the heart to do so. :heart:

With these sounds I greet you in this difficult period. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and see you soon on the forum. :innocent:

Lucas Marchetti



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Thanks guy ! It’s heartwarming ! :innocent:


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Aha ! The calm during the storm ! Thank you for listening. I hope my music didn’t stress you too much :slight_smile:

Hello synthesis fanatics !

I just released a new noisy track. We are still on generative music. I propose you a cavernous and dark atmosphere which sometimes lights up with a blinding light! Good listening buddies and I wish you that all goes well in your life. Kisses !

Hello to all!

Decidedly the vacations are good for me, I hope that this sequence of more or less organized noises will help you to find inner peace :wink: Kisses!

Hi everyone ! :innocent:

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to thank you for listening to so many of my weird creations, it means a lot to me! :pray:

Have you already read “Fables de La Fontaine” ? I created a music on a verse of the cat and the fox. “Deux francs patte -pelus qui, des frais du voyage , Croquant mainte volaille , escroquant maint fromage , S’indemnisaient à qui mieux mieux” . I hope you’ll enjoy it !

Keep me tuned, friends!

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Hello to all!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any weird music. Here is one I really like. Very calm, it has something random that creates a rhythm like the rain on the roof. I hope you’ll like it !

Big kisses!