I could be wrong but I feel like having seen a way within VCV to have a midi button input act as a toggle?

Is there? I want to control the MUTE8 with a Nanokontrol but all I can do is to momentarily solo the signal(s). I know that I should be able to change the buttons’ behaviour through Korg’s Kontrol Editor but this software is garbage and doesn’t reliably connect with the controller.

I know this way…


And this is very likely where I’d seen it, alas…


This looks like an old version of the module?
Besides, “Toggle” is only available for note mappings. I don’t think it would be of great use for CC and no one asked for it yet.

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Your modules are not waiting to be upgraded. However, just found a way. Nevermind :wink:

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That’s strange. Did you install a development build earlier? The screenshot above was taken from the current version available in the VCV Library which was released last November.

Hm, if I’m not mistaken, modules in the browser are sorted by “age” and yours are indeed way down the list. They’re currently v1.7.1

The current version in the VCV Library is 1.8.0. Not sure why your install is not updating…

Oh man, sorry my bad. Was looking for “stoermelder” all the time. Pack One is ready for an update, yes.

No problem :+1:

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I think a lot of module act that way, but not all of them? I seem to remember at time when you could not toggle the mute buttons on my mixer with a midi switch, but I changed it so you can?