I can't understand Scope version 2.0

I thought I understood the scope just fine in VCV Rack 1, but I’m failing at version 2.

I plug in a triangle LFO, and it shows up in the oscilloscope, but changing the wave frequency or Time parameter change nothing at all. What am I doing wrong?


Your Trigger threshold value is lower than the signal value.
raise the trigger threshold value on the “THRES” knob to be in the range of the signal

or use an external trig (toggle the TRIG button) and a suitable threshold value (THRES knob) like above.


Or turn off trig, yes?

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It can be toggle “internal” or “external” - but free run with no trigger - don’t think so. External trig, with nothing plugged in TRIG input = “turn off trig” ?

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Thank you.