I am on Mastodon. Is anybody else here?

I am here jeremy πŸŽ§πŸŽ›πŸŽ™πŸŽš (@jeremywen@mas.to) - mas.to Just thought it was another interesting place to try out.


Oh nice, didnt expect mastodon to be mentioned here. You can find me at https://mastodon.falktx.com/

It is great to have a social network thingy that is federated (non-centralized) and does not sell your data. You can even run your own instance! That’s quite cool in my opinion.

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I"m Dale Emery (@dhemery@mstdn.social) - Mastodon 🐘


DJ Zen Zieke (@djzenzieke@ioc.exchange) - IOC.exchange Just joined 2 instances recently. Have a big interest in the cyber security side of things so I am mostly present within infosec for now.


Aye - I’m o’er there as @apatchworkboy@blop.social

I’ve not setup my profile or posted anything yet, just exploring, but in case it becomes a social I can get along with I am @miffreal@techhub.social

Starting out on janne808 (@janne808@lacommune.social) - La Commune